About Me

This website was created for others who share my passion for gardening. As I live in Canada our summers are short so I mostly focus on indoor gardening with hydroponics and some soil! For the past year I’ve found myself really enjoying this hobby and want to share my experience with other like-minded people.

If you share the same interest in gardening as we do then please stop by and check out my Facebook group! After joining be sure to make a post introducing yourself.

Since the legalization of weed in Canada a lot of people are entering into the garden hobby. Many new lights, tents and setups have come out for the indoor garden scene so I could not be more happy!

The how-to guides and reviews I do are meant to be as authentic as I can make them since they are for the products that I personally use in my own garden. You will find amazon links in each article or review so that you can use the same tools and items that I use and you can let the community know how it worked for you.

I plan to update this page regularly as website grows.

Thanks for checking us out and I’ll see you around the garden!