Cal Mag For Plants

Cal-Mag Plant Food and Fertilizer

Cal-Mag is essential for growing cannabis plants in all stages of growth. The main benefits of calcium and magnesium (Cal-Mag) for plants are:

  • Calcium plays a role in the development and maintenance of the plant cell walls, helping to provide structure and support to the plant.
  • Root growth: Magnesium is involved in the process of photosynthesis and is necessary for healthy root development.
  • Stress tolerance: Calcium helps plants to withstand stress from various factors, such as drought, disease, and pest damage.
  • Magnesium is necessary for flower production and the development of healthy flower buds.


Cal Mag Deficiency

Fighting Cal Mag Deficiency is something that most if not all growers have experienced before, some may not of even known what it was. A calcium deficiency can cause leaves to become brittle and develop necrotic spots, while a magnesium deficiency causes yellowing between the leaf veins and stunted growth. A lack of both nutrients can result in a general yellowing of the plant and decreased growth.

  1. Early stage: In the early stages of deficiency, the plant may show symptoms such as yellowing between the veins of the leaves, stunted growth, and reduced fruit and flower production.
  2. Middle stage: As the deficiency progresses, the yellowing may spread to the entire leaf, and the leaves may become twisted, curled, or brittle. The plant may also be more susceptible to disease and pest damage.
  3. Late stage: In the severe stage, the plant may experience significant stunted growth, and the leaves may become necrotic and fall off. In severe cases, the plant may die.

Cal-Mag from Cronk Nutrients

One of the cheapest and most effective products that I have been recently using is CalMag 2-0-0 by Cronk nutrients. No matter what size of garden you currently have they sell a bottle for you.

Bottle Sizes: 500ml, 1L, 4L, 10L, 20L

Other nutrient companies don’t have so many sizes to work with so it forces you to spend more money and is something no one wants to do.

Price Point: Starting out at $16.99 CAD (Canadian)

If you are interested in using Cal Mag from Cronk Nutrients you can order from there official website

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The Results of adding Cal-Mag

After growing with grow nutrients and not adding any additional Cal-Mag to my feedings the plants always seemed to be lacking something. After a week or so into veg some leaves wood turn yellow or get those little rusty spots. Then day later the tips would turn brittle this is not good since we are adding more contaminates into the grow room as rotting foliage.

After adding Cal-Mag into my weekly feedings the plants have been growing stronger and the branches have become more sturdy. During the flower stages the branches did not break or crack off at all, they just bent downward from the weight of the buds. No grower likes to walk in to see a broken branch during the flower stage!

This worked great in both hydroponics and soil grows. Since the ratio is 2-0-0 and not 1-0-0 like other brands I have seen you also do not need to use as much per feeding. Keep in mind each strain of cannabis and your grow medium will effect the amount of Cal-Mag needed per feeding.

Happy Growing Guys!