Cal Mag For Plants

Cal-Mag Plant Food and Fertilizer Cal-Mag is essential for growing cannabis plants in all stages of growth. The main benefits of calcium and magnesium (Cal-Mag) for plants are: Calcium plays a role in the development and maintenance of the plant cell walls, helping to provide structure and support to the plant. Root growth: Magnesium is … Read more

How To Clone Weed Easy Full Guide

Plant Cloning Guide With Instructions! What is Plant Cloning: Plant cloning is a process of creating new plants through asexual production. This is a very popular and widely used horticultural technique with which plant growers and gardeners can reproduce exact copies of a source plant, also called a “mother plant”. For plant cloning, the stem … Read more

How to Grow Lettuce Indoors Hydroponically

Growing lettuce indoors hydroponically is extremely easy to do. When I first started out into hydroponics I started growing lettuce because it required a cheap light compared to fruiting plants like tomatoes, cucumber and so on. There are a few different types of hydroponic setups that you can choose from when growing lettuce as well. … Read more

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