Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light Review


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Today we are taking a look at the Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED grow light for indoor gardening. This type of light is good for growing any type of plant inside since it is a full spectrum light.

After seeing the price and what is included in the package I decide it was time to pick one up and have a look. My order showed up about a week after it was placed which was quite fast for my area. Upon opening the grow light I could see it was securely packaged with foam and a small piece of wood.

Coming with 2 rope hangers to hang the light, 1 lighting timer so you can set up the light for veg or bloom stage, 1 temperature and humidity sensor and finally 4 corner supports for the light.

If you are new to growing getting the lighting timer and temp/humidity sensor is a huge bonus since buying them separate can cost a lot more depending on your location.

Why Choose A LED Grow Light vs High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

Led grow lights are the way of the future and you should not be going with the old HPS lights to be honest. The cost to run HPS lights and to have a Veg and Bloom bulb is just to much these days and considering you will need to replace the blubs over time it will end up costing quite a lot!

So you might be thinking how long does a Led grow light actually last well the answer is just over 7 years usually! So with just a one time up front cost of the light you are on your way no need to ever replace bulbs or parts which means less down time and plant interruptions.

Something else that I really like is the fact that the Led grow lights draw much less power then HPS lights. This allows you to have more lights run off 1 electrical circuit so you can easily increase your current grow light coverage area by simply switching to led grow lights.

The amount of heat that is produce from the Mars Hydro TS 1000 is not a lot but enough to keep the grow tent temperature warm and stable. This allowed me to much better control the environment of my grow tent with a few fans and a small inline fan! When using my HPS lights I always need a large 6 or 8 inch inline fan with speed controller running to help exhaust the heat that is produced from the HPS or CMH lights for that matter.

Mars Hydro TS 1000 Hanging Height

It is very important that you hang your led grow lights at the proper hanging height so that your plants will get enough light to grow. This is when the rope hangers really come in handy, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the height of your grow light.

  • Germination: 24″-30″
  • Seeding: 24″
  • Veg: 18″-24″
  • Bloom: 12″-18″

Mars Hydro TS 1000 Dimming Feature

To help you further conserve power and give you maximum control of your grow lights! To adjust the dimmer you simple remove that white button its just a small rubber cap. After that you will have access to a small screw which you can adjust using a small screw driver to the dimmer setting of your desire. This is great if you want to keep your light at 1 height and just slowly increase the brightness as they grow and flower.

Grow Results For The Mars Hydro TS 1000

Now comes the best part seeing the results of what this light can produce. Well it produces very dense buds that are covered in trichomes. Below are a few pictures of plants grown with Mars Hydro grow lights and as you can see they are fire!

You will be surprised at the amount of yield some of our Facebook group members have been reporting. Be sure like and join our Facebook group if you are not all ready part of it we share a lot of great information and resources to help growers!

Is Mars Hydro TS 1000 Worth Buying?

Discount Code: Seedtostoned

Order From Mars Hydro

I highly recommend this light for anyone new or looking to start indoor growing. Not only is the Mars Hydro TS 1000 amazing at growing cannabis but it can be used to grow any other type of vegetable indoor!

Thanks to the lighting spectrum of the led grow light you can grow almost anything with this which also makes it a great gift for any of those summer gardeners that need something to during the boring winter days!

If you are looking to light up your grow tent then you might want to consider getting 2 of these lights or increase the size of light that you are buying.