The Best 4×4 Grow Tent Guide!

4×4 Grow Tents Worth Buying Thinking about getting a 4×4 grow tent for indoor growing? This guide will cover everything you will need to know about owning a 4×4 grow tent and how to operate it properly so that you get the most out of all your grows. Each size tent will come with its … Read more

The Best Grow Timers & Controllers in 2020!

Grow Timers and Controllers Different plants need different amounts of light depending on what you decide to grow. When growing Cannabis the light cycle should be 18 hours on and 6 hours off (18/6) for there vegetative stage and then when you are ready to make them flower and grow buds you need to change … Read more

Air Pumps For Hydroponics

Best Air Pumps For Hydroponics When it came to picking out a air pump for my hydroponic garden I needed something that would run 24 hours a day 7 days a week so with that in mind I wanted to go with a company that had a good customer service record. After doing some research … Read more

The Best Indoor Grow Lights For 2020!

The grow light industry is always changing and for that matter it is hard to understand and keep up to date on what lights are the best. When first starting out I was quite confusing and found it hard to understand what are good lights and what are considered bad! For that reason we need … Read more

Best Hydroponic Air Stones – Top Picks For 2020!

Air stones are something that anyone doing hydroponics must have. They give so many benefits to the plants you are growing by adding oxygen to the water and at the same time keeping the water agitated. Keeping the water agitated is important for nutrient uptake in the plants. Always make sure you use your TDS … Read more

The Best Air Tubing For Hydroponics

´╗┐Hydroponic Air Tubing When it comes to hydroponics air tubing is something you are going to want to have a lot of and some extra kicking around. It is cheap and comes in 25 foot lengths which makes it easy to work with. Just like anything there are pros and cons for each type of … Read more