Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light Review

Until now I thought Mars Hydro was the only good LED grow light company out there but soon came to realize that there are others and one of those being a company called Spider Farmer which have been releasing some amazing lights with the samsung meanwell driver technology. These lights are currently being used by many growers because of its price point and its amazing features which we will look into more closely in this review.

Spider Farmer SF 2000 Review

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What you need to know about this grow light in a nutshell! The following is the exact Specification for the Spider Farmer Grow Light SF 2000 and I included some extra info just in case any of you guys had questions about it.

DB: 0dB (Overall noise output of the light as you can see 0db which is silent)
Veg Footprint: 3 x 4 ft (The Veg coverage is always larger than the flowering coverage)
Flower Footprint: 2 x 4 ft (Since this is a 2×4 flowering coverage area I suggest a 4×4 grow tent to allow for all your equipment)
Max Yield: 2.2g/watt (How much you can expect to get out of this light 2.2g for every watt it draws)
Spectrum: 660nm,3000K,5000K and IR 760nm (This means it is capable of growing a plant from seed to harvest since it has all light spectrums!)
Replace other red and blue light: 2000W (Basically letting you know it replaces all the china fake 2000w lights)
View Angle of LED: 90°-120°
Lifespan: ≥50000 hours (About 4 to 5 years no changing bulbs or maintenance!)
Amp: 1.67A @AC120V, 0.84A @AC240V, 0.73A @AC277V
Draw Power: 202.3W±5% @AC120V, 196.7W±5% @AC240V,196.6W±5% @AC277V Work Temperature:-4°F ~115°F (-20°C ~ 46°C) (This is what the light actually draws from the wall 202.3 watts)

Spider Farmer SF 2000 Dimmer Switch Function

The dimmable feature on the spider farmer sf 2000 is one of the best I have used yet it allows you to easily adjust your PPFD, Intensity and Power draw. Along with that if you plan on expanding or owning multiple of this light they give you the ability to join all the lights together so that you can dim them all from one light!

You might wonder why the dimmer is a big deal well it allows you to hang your light and not have to raise it for quite some time and you can use less power until they are ready to flower. Those with many light will benefit the most from this feature I think.

Spider Farmer SF 2000 Hanging Height & Light Distance

Make sure to match the dimmer percent to the appropriate hanging height!

  • Germination 20 – 40% and hang at approx 30 inch above the canopy
  • Seedling 40 – 60% at about 30 inch above canopy
  • Vegetative 60 – 90% at approx 24 inch above canopy
  • Flower Stage 90 – 100% at approx 18 inch above canopy

During the Seedling and Vegetative stages your lighting schedule should  be set to 18 hours on and 6 hours off. When your plant grows to size it is time to start the flowering stage to do this change the lighting schedule to 12 hours on and 12 hours off this must be done or else the plant will not properly bud. (PS: I know the image on the left says 18 on/6 off for the flower stage but that is wrong!!!)

Pros & Cons of The Spider Farmer SF 2000

Keep in mind that the led grow lights are the new way to go in the long run but cost a little more up front but once you understand what your getting back it makes a lot more sense!

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the pros and cons of this light and what I think they are. The first major thing that stood out to me was how it produced very little heat compared to a HPS or CMH grow light. Those type of grow lights also draw a lot of power which will cost you more money monthly in your electricity bill. With less heat output I was able to easily control the temperature of my grow tent without the heat getting to high while using my CMH light I noticed a lot more heat!

Another downside with HPS and CMH is that you need the different bulbs for them for the veg and flower stages while with the spider farmer sf 2000 led grow light you just need to set the light up and your good to go, you do not need to worry about any bulb maintenance or what I hate most is when a bulb dies during flower so you are forced to have a back up bulb and they are not cheap.

The Pros

  • Latest Mean Well Driver Technology
  • High End Samsung Diodes
  • Dimmable Knob Feature
  • Very Low Heat Output!
  • Very Quiet Not Noticeable!
  • Can be used for seedling, veg and flowering stages all in one light!

The Cons

  • It is Fragile so you must be careful when handling the light. The diodes are sensitive so you must avoid touching them or scrapes to them as it can ruin the diode.
  • Like any grow light you must wear eye protection when working around it!


Best Place to Buy The Spider Farmer SF 2000 Grow Light

Order The Spider Farmer SF 2000

Order From Here If Located In Canada

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