ViparSpectra Pro Series P1000 LED Grow Light

Today I will be looking at the ViparSpectra Pro Series P1000 LED Grow Light which is a high end starter grow light! Those of you who are new to growing will notice a wide range of prices for lights which is why I think this grow light is great coming in at only 99$ bucks it is perfect for anyone starting out.

The ViparSpectra Pro Series P1000 comes with everything you see in the picture above and it is about 5 lbs in weight which makes it very easy to work with and hang. I was able to hang and set up this light quickly and without any hassle! The ratchet straps used to hang the light make it extremely easy to adjust the hanging height of the light.

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LED Grow Lights Vs HPS & CMH

Some people reading this article may be wondering if it is worth switching to LED grow lights or stick with the HPS/CMH lighting systems. Well the answer is LED grow lights as of 2021 they have came a long long way and as long as you stay away from the cheap Chinese knockoffs on amazon then you should do just fine.

Advantages of HPS Grow Lights

  • HPS grow lights are capable of producing an intense amount of light, which can increase cannabis flowering.
  • Start-up costs are a lot lower with HPS/CMH grow lights than LED lights.
  • 1000w HPS can flower 5 x 5 area

Disadvantages of HPS Grow Lights

  • HPS grow lights require a lot more power and are not very energy efficient when compared to LEDS
  • HPS grow lights have a shorter shelf life in comparison to LED lights.
  • HPS Lights produce a lot of heat so you need to have a lot of air flow!
  • Not ideal for grow tents due to high heat output
  • HPS bulbs need to be replaced yearly since they lose strength over time

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

  • LED grow lights are extremely energy efficient. They produce the same amount of light as HPS lights but consume a lot less energy.
  • LED grow lights produce far less heat than a HPS or CMH light I found I was able to control the grow space temperatures much easier
  • There lights feature a long lasting shelf life compared to HPS

Disadvantages of LED Grow Lights

  • The only drawback with LED grow lights is that they are more expensive upfront

Some Key Features

Some key features the ViparSpectra Pro Series P1000 has that I really like is the dimmable Knob, this allows you to set the light output from 100% to 10% this is perfect for different stages of growth. With a large heat sink built into the top of the light it will allow the heat to move away from the light on the top and not on the bottom. This will help keep any unwanted heat off the top of the canopy. HPS and CMH lights produce a lot more heat and some people find it hard to control the temps inside there grow tent by using a led grow light like this it will greatly reduce heat and temperature issues.

ViparSpectra Pro Series P1000 Hanging Heights

This picture covers the hanging heights of the light which is very important so that your plants get the correct amount of PAR or Lumens. I decided to go with the following heights when using this grow light.

  • Seedling stage: 20 – 28 inch
  • Vegetative stage: about 3 weeks in 16 – 20 inch
  • Flowering stage: 12 – 16 inch

For seedling stages and vegetative make sure you run your light timers at 18 hours on and 6 hours off. When you are ready to enter the flowering stage change the timer to 12 hours on and 12 hours off this will cause the pants to stretch and start producing buds or pollen depending on the plant you are growing.

How Did My Plants React?

After some thought I decided to use the light for my seedlings and veg stage plants to replace the current light which was just a few 40w bulbs. After setting up the ViparSpectra Pro Series P1000 and hanging it at about 28 inches above the plants, after a day the plants were ‘praying’ with fan leaves pointing up! This light gives off almost no heat so thanks to that the temperature of the grow tent was much more stable and is now way easier to control then before!

A lot of people still think that Led grow lights are burple in color which is that weird looking purple color you may have seen but do not worry! All the new Viparspectra lights give off the natural bright white light which covers all light spectrums.

Buy ViparSpectra Pro Series P1000

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Coupon Code for 8% off

Use Code – seedtostoned

Visit the official ViparSpectra Website