ViparSpectra XS 1000 Led Grow Light

I finally got the chance to put the the new ViparSpectra XS 1000 led grow light to the test from seed to stoned! This new XS series of led grow lights offers much more powerful lighting along with control. I will be going over my overall experience with this grow light from unboxing and packaging to setup and performance

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ViparSpectra XS 1000 Hanging Height

When setting up and hanging up your grow light you want to always make sure it is hanging at the correct height. For this type of light the Viparspectra xs 1000 should be hung at approx. 16” inches above the canopy for the vegetative stage of the plant. This gives you a coverage area of 2.5 x 2.5 ft at 16”. When it comes time to flower your plants you want to hang your lights at approx. 14” inches above the canopy. The flowering coverage area is a little less then it would be in veg but this normal for all lights.

Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

With Samsung LM301B diodes powering this light you can see why you are able to grow from seed to harvest easy. Having a dimmable knob designed on the light it allows you to adjust it instead of always lowering or raising your light. Another great reason for using the dimmer knob is that you can save on electricity even further by lowering it for seedling and early veg stages!

In the picture above you can see were the power cord connects to the led grow light. This is a standard 6ft length power cord which is how long most lights come these days. It would be nice to see new designs have longer power cords while not increasing the price of the light.

New Heat Sink Design

When trying to grow any type of plant inside you want to have complete control of your grow tent or space. Thanks to the new heat sink designs these lights have a larger heat sink so they are able to release more heat upwards and not downwards onto the plants which can result in leaf burn. As the heat rises in your grow tent your fans can easily remove the heat from the space and keep your plants very happy.

Larger heat sinks also mean less heat. Thanks to the new design the panel holds more heat and allows it to cool off and by doing this will lower the over all heat that his light will give off. I love this because it give you more power to better keep the temps in the range you need and avoid to high or low humidity as well!

ViparSpectra XS 1000 Pros

One of the main things that I noticed about the ViparSpectra XS 1000 led grow light is that it came really well packaged and protected. With strong foam for support, the light arrived in perfect condition.

When it came time to hang the light in the grow tent it was very easy compared to some other grow lights on the market. The XS 1000 has a very light-weight design making it easy to hang and hold with one hand which at one time used to be very difficult.

ViparSpectra XS 1000 Cons

So far there has been no real cons with this light it is reasonable priced as well so I can’t complain. So far I have not needed to return one or deal with support but once the time comes I will give a update.

The staff were great when speaking with about different lights that they had in stock and recommending lights based on your project or ideas.

ViparSpectra XS 1000 Grow Experience

So far my grow experience with this light has been amazing! They have great light coverage in my grow tent and you can easily have multiple lights in one tent to increase light coverage and density for flowering. Since these are led grow lights they draw a lot less power so I am able to put a few lights on one power bar! This is something you could never do with HPS or CMH lights with out tripping a electrical breaker.

The amount of heat that these lights produce is quite low and easily managed. With a small exhaust fan I was able to keep the temperature inside the grow tent consistent when before I always needed a larger exhaust fan! I thought that was pretty cool since I always deal with higher temps.

Buy The ViparSpectra XS 1000 Led Grow Light

If you are interested in buying this light please check out the links below you will be able to save money with our ViparSpectra coupon. Also check out the link to the official ViparSpectra Website were you can find some more information on this light along with all other products and lights that they have for sale at this time.

Coupon Code for 8% off

Use Code – seedtostoned

Visit the official ViparSpectra Website